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What was the aim of your implementation?

The original purpose of the implementation was to enable fundraising support through the website and to be able to subscribe to newsletters. CiviCRM's role was to structurally store the associated data in a proprietary database environment. When a new website was built a few years ago, the integration with CiviCRM was extended by storing data from different actions centrally as well as data from different websites.


The approach and progress of the project

In developing the new website, there was a lot of focus on functionality for the visitor. The CRM component of data storage in the back office had less attention because it could also be modified after going live. That follow-up project was carried out recently. It focused on optimizing the data in CiviCRM so that it can be used more effectively in fundraising.

What has been CiviCooP's role: before, during and after implementation?

CiviCooP provided the CiviCRM expertise we needed for basic skills in CiviCRM and bringing the system and our organization together. Now that the system has landed in the organization with the right small group, it is mostly specialized questions for which we still turn to CiviCooP.

What role does CiviCRM play now?

CiviCRM is the central software for fundraising and communication with supporters via email. The user group here is limited - fundraisers and people from the communications department. Because CiviCRM and website are physically separated, the data are perfectly secure while the website can function optimally as a communication tool.