What can CiviCRM do?

CiviCRM is a powerful, all-round CRM tool designed primarily for non-profits to support their work in the areas of contact and relationship management, donations and fundraising, event management, member administration, file management and sending newsletters.

Below is a brief summary of CiviCRM's standard functionality.  

The CRM Showcases website features descriptions with videos of CiviCRM-supported processes as used by some of our customers!

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Manage contacts

Manage all your organisation’s contacts: members, donors, suppliers, volunteers, staff and how all those relate to each other and your or their organisation.


Effective fundraising on the basis of campaigns, webpages, calls to action, online payments, donor journeys and bulkmail.


Make your CRM data accessible to your employees, members or event participants through a portal so they can quickly find or edit tailored information.


CiviCRM supports organisations to manage events: communication, registration, payments, participant lists and name badges. 

Bulk mail

An important instrument to enable fast communication with your constituents. Presented in a modern way, easy to use, including insight in your results.


Your members in a clear overview, including their payments, renewals, reminders and discounts related to heir membership.

Case Management

Case management in CiviCRM allows you to handle and/or document incoming queries, problems or situations in a standard way.


Use a number of options to create reports, lists and diagrams for different audiences, displayed on your portal, in CiviCRM or sent through mail.

Lots more

Beside the default modules that you can switch on or off, use a vast number of freely available extensions.