De Eester

Neighborhood cooperative De Eester

Amsterdam's Eastern Docklands are buzzing with initiatives to make the neighborhood safe, social and sustainable. Neighborhood cooperative De Eester offers a listening ear for concerns or ideas, thinks along and connects people to each other. We focus on five themes: De Eester cares & helps, learning & recreation, sustainability, thinking along & solving and De Eester Imps.

What was the aim of your implementation?

The original implementation, which did not involve CiviCooP, began in order to professionalize and also because spreadsheets could not adequately support it. After some time, there proved insufficient knowledge to configure and manage the software, so a re-implementation proved necessary to get both data and user frustration in order. To that end, CiviCooP was asked to help. The original goal had not changed.

The approach and progress of the project

The approach to the re-implementation was primarily of a technical nature: a new environment containing a custom configuration and data migration from the current environment. Users were then instructed and we started using the new environment. Since then, small pieces of functionality have been added as needed, such as an integration with the website for newsletter subscriptions, membership administration, etc.

What has been CiviCooP's role: before, during and after implementation?

CiviCooP guided a re-implementation of CiviCRM after it had been used for some time without sufficient knowledge and support and user frustration was high. Because of good agreements on role distribution, the re-implementation went well, the frustration disappeared and CiviCooP is now a partner that thinks along with us about new steps, provides knowledge and helpdesk support for user questions, user management, etc.

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What role does CiviCRM play now?

CiviCRM is De Eester's central contact administration software. Membership, fundraising, newsletters and registration for events and activities, all run through CiviCRM. More sensitive processes, such as supporting people with social or personal issues are done in a separate CiviCRM environment to which only a limited group of users have access and which is not unlocked to the Internet.