Showcase CiviCRM Mediwe


Mediwe  (site in Dutch) was founded in 1976 and therefore has extensive experience in control medicine. Mediwe carries out medical checks throughout Belgium and just across the border.

Mediwe's core business is organizing medical check-ups with added value.
Mediwe believes that communication between the customer, inspection body and inspection doctor is essential.

What was the aim of your implementation?

The implementation was quite a few years ago. It is very important for Mediwe that we can quickly develop custom solutions so that we can quickly realize specific wishes of our customers. This meant we would logically select an Open Source package, and CiviCRM would suit our needs very well. A few years ago we found ourselves in a bit of a bind with our total spaghetti of website and CiviCRM. We then went to talk to Erik and Erik from CiviCooP. Together with CiviCooP we started untangling that spaghetti step by step.

The approach and progress of the project

Recently we have mainly started working on a new portal for our customers. The portal communicates with CiviCRM, which is located on another server, via extensions that make it possible to process forms from a portal in CiviCRM and to present data from CiviCRM on the portal. We started with a portal for a large customer and are now working on the portal for a larger group of smaller customers.

What has been CiviCooP's role: before, during and after implementation?

CiviCooP develops, thinks along with us, challenges and advises when asked but also when not asked. They not only focus on CiviCRM and ICT, but also look at the entire process and how our employees deal with it.

What role does CiviCRM play now?

CiviCRM is our central database. Our core processes are supported by CiviCRM, our website, portals and web apps communicate with CiviCRM. Step by step we make our spaghetti redundant, we are almost there.