Our way of working


Your motives for using CiviCRM as an instrument for your processes is our guiding principle for our support. At the start of our relationship we aim to get a sound understanding of your motives, needs and desires. It is our belief that is the only way to advise you on the usage of CiviCRM. It also means that we can help you to the best of our abilities in using the software in an optimal way to get the best support for your daily processes.

Make the first move

We believe the first move should be to install CiviCRM and try your processes in standard CiviCRM. Together we can then form a good picture of the solutions that work of the shelf, and the situations where someting additional is required or the software needs to be customised. You are training yourself in your wayu of using CiviCRM on the go and you are able to make a first move. Together we can decide on what needs to be done next, by whom and when.

Default software and your situation

CiviCRM is a functionally rich piece of software. Organizations all over the world use it to get many things done. In The Netherlands and Belgiumn it is used for fundraising, social care organizations, housing corporations, advocacy and more. Our staff has a lot of experience with and knowledge of CiviCRM in many situations. That means we are capable of configuring CiviCRM to suit your needs. If customizations are required to make your dream come true, we have technical people that can translate your requirements in to adaptions to CiviCRM that can be shared with the CiviCRM community. That means others like you profit from your requirements, as you have profited from the requirements from earlier CiviCRM users.

Data migration

You probably already have data of your contacts, relations and customers. If you need to have that data brought into CiviCRM, there are two options:

  1. You can use the standard CiviCRM import functionality. If your data is well organized and structured and not too massive, this will work well for you. CiviCooP can use the import functionality to import your data, but you can also do it yourself;
  2. CiviCooP analyses your data with you, and develops a custom approach to your migration. We recommend this if your data is fairly polluted, not too structured or uses many data sources. This is something which we can decide together when we make the first move.